Our Spirituality


Our spirituality is ‘Christo-centric’ as we strive, like Jesus our model, to live a life deeply rooted in prayer/constant communion with God.


We live a life of asceticism and self-denial with total conformity to the will of God, in prudence doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place to the right person.


In the spirit of the beatitudes (Mathew 5 vs. 1-16) , we live a life of poverty (live as if we have not); simplicity; chastity; purity of mind, body, thought, words and motive; poverty and chastity of body & heart


Our spirituality is contemplation in action: We realize our desperate need for God and our desire for a union with God and a life of holiness.


Our spiritual life, is nurtured by constant union with God our strength through:


  1. Receiving the Holy Eucharist daily.
  2. Observing quiet time for at least 30 minutes daily-just contemplating.
  3. Entering into the Lord’s passion at 3:00am daily.
  4. Daily adoration and prayer, at 3:00pm as contained in our Prayer Guide.
  5. 15 decades mimimum of the Rosary daily
  6. Daily prayers as in the Divine Office
  7. Singing onto the Lord daily 21 praises- 7 in the morning, 7 in the afternoon and 7 in the evening for we are an Easter people.