Novena to St Joseph - Our Patron Saint


Saint Joseph we place Perfecta Caritas Sisters under your patronage.


Saint Joseph, Foster father of Jesus our Lord, be foster father of Perfecta Caritas. As of old you rescued the child Jesus from the plots of Herod, safeguard us against the wickedness and snare of the devil and his agents.


Saint Joseph Spouse of the Virgin Mary, we put all Perfecta Caritas Sisters under your patronage. Protect them all as you protected our Mother Mary. Teach all the sisters how to love God better.


Saint Joseph most obedient, teach us prompt obedience that does the will of God without procrastination.


Saint Joseph train us to grow in wisdom, knowledge and stature as you trained Jesus our Lord.


Saint Joseph refine us so that we may be raised up to new life in holiness.


Saint Joseph, inspiration for workers, Inspire us to work wholeheartedly in the world, seeking always to give God the glory


Saint Joseph, Head and ever watchful guardian of the Holy Family, may God make His home among us as He did in your Holy Family of Nazareth. May the Holy family find a place in Perfecta Caritas and may Perfecta Caritas family be like yours - loving God and one another reaching out in love to humanity till HE comes in majesty.


Saint Joseph, most faithful keep us one and all under your continual guidance, so that by your help and example, we may lead a holy life, die a happy death, and come to possess eternal life in Heaven. Amen


Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, send more Sisters to the Perfecta Caritas vineyard.

Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, send dedicated women into the Perfecta Caritas vineyard.

Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, send God fearing consecrated virgins into the Perfecta Caritas vineyard.

Saint Joseph Pray for us.