In response to God’s call within a call Sr. Stella-Maris Okonkwo went out into the streets and to the slum areas where people were suffering and looked after the very poor.


Young girls from different background and works of life came to join her so that like her they could dedicate their lives to God in the service of the poor.


This has led to the formation of a group known as Perfecta Caritas Sisters in Nnewi Diocese, Anambra State Nigeria with the consent and approval of Most Rev. Hilary Paul Odili Okeke – Bishop of Nnewi Diocese.


Perfecta Caritas Sisters is a Secular Institute of Consecrated Life comprising of Christ Faithful who have come together to strive for perfection through work of Charity and endeavor to contribute to the sanctification of the world through their apostolate to the poorest of the poor.


We are young ladies/women who come to consecrate and to dedicate our lives entirely to God serving Him in the suffering poor/destitute. We give up father, mother, brothers, sisters, husbands, children, wealth, land to follow and model our lives after Christ in a spirit of poverty, simplicity, chastity and absolute obedience to God for the sake of His kingdom




Our chastity and freedom from worldly attachments free us to love our spouse (Jesus Christ) more fully in the poor. Thus we live in the world in order to be more closely in touch with our poor and to reach out freely to them whenever and wherever needed but we are not of the world in essence.


We are not bound to live in community with one another but we do live in common as a community of Christ disciples striving for perfection by the taking the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience – evangelical council as well as observing the content of this statute and the teaching of the church.